About CEO

As a veteran in the startup space, Julia Pasternack serves as our acting CEO, drawing upon her industry expertise to guide our team in delivering top-tier products and ensuring 100% client satisfaction.

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Having graduated cum laude from UCLA and Georgia Tech, her journey began as an aerospace and automotive manufacturing engineer with a focus on Continuous Improvement. She then transitioned into supply chain, leading multiple teams at Amazon and honing her skills in customer-centricity. Fueled by her passion for problem solving, Julia built her first company, Komodal, a data aggregation platform for the container transport industry that she eventually sold in 2022. Julia then went on to launch DriverFly, a software company focused on commercial truck driver recruiting. Today, as our CEO, she drives Code Upscale's mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the software development landscape

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We are a leading mobile app development company in the USA, housing domain-savvy developers to design and develop Android, iOS and cross-platform applications customized to your business needs and identity. So, jump into the Code UpScale bandwagon today and benefit from our exclusive value-added services!

Our Start

The Beginning

Our journey dates all the way back to 2018, where we developed the B2B SaaS based platform Komodal to support supply chain stakeholders in the management of containers at ports. It was this comprehensive web app that quickly ignited our passion for supporting enterprise solutions that solve high-impact, real-world problems.

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Our journey started in early 2015, when our founder, Gina, decided to start Code UpScale in Cluj after returning from London, UK, where she had studied and worked as a Lead iOS Developer. The company’s name stems from her surname, Lupu, which means “Wolf”.

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Work Hard

Living The Now

The pack almost doubled in size each year since the beginning and we are now 80+ wolves altogether. We are currently at our 4th office - a gorgeous and spacious house in central Cluj.

We have partners all round the world, from Europe to the US, Australia, UAE and many more amazing places. They range from startups to powerful brands, building both B2B and B2C apps.

Our skilled team and strong partners have helped us become one of the top European Development Agencies. In 2021 we won the European Technology Awards for App development.

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Roadmap Ahead

Looking ahead, Code Upscale seeks to continue its focus on innovation, client-centricity, and steady growth, specifically in the areas of enterprise solutions for sectors such as Supply Chain and Healthcare, as well as in Blockchain & Fintech related endeavors. We're committed to harnessing emerging technologies to deliver cutting-edge products that meet the evolving needs of our clients and industry standards. Our roadmap includes expanding our service offerings, strengthening our partnerships, and enhancing our team's range of talent. By staying agile, adaptive, and deeply customer-focused, we are poised to continue our drive towards excellence in software development and deliver value that exceeds expectations in the dynamic tech landscape.

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Let’s Create Big Stories Together

Technology is on our nerves. We don’t just build solutions, we create brands. Opting for our services is choosing excellence for your business.